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1033 calories
16g fat
152g carbs
72g protein


233.9 lb

1755 calories
58g fat
263g carbs
62g protein

Friday morning Starbucks! Skinny Cap and a Skinny Carrot Cake… Yummy but shows at the end of the day!

234.7 lb

1352 calories
23g fat
213g carbs
77g protein

234.9 lb

1399 calories
47g fat
175g carb
70g protein

235.2 lbs

And here is me tonight, 29th August 2006, smiling happily which is something I do a bit more often nowadays!

Thin Me

Three months and three stone later – spot the difference !

Here it is, the worst photo of me ever. Taken May 28th this year

Fat me